Plasma Internship – Optimization of a reactor for hydrogen production by cold nanopulsed plasmalysis

Nom de l'entreprise / du laboratoire: Spark Cleantech
Adresse web:
Encadrant: Raghed Bejjani

Spark Cleantech is a start-up that designs decentralized, low-power consumption, decarbonized hydrogen production units. Our process uses nanopulsed cold plasmas (nanosecond-controlled electric arcs) to decompose (bio)methane into hydrogen and solid carbon, with zero CO2 emissions and up to 5x less electricity than an electrolyzer.

We are looking for an intern to join our R&D team. The mission (shall you accept it!) is to:

  • Participate in test campaigns to optimize the plasma process on our v7 reactor. In practice: set-up, operation and characterization of products.
  • Improve test bench operation and instrumentation: design and production of auxiliary parts; centralization of data acquisition.
  • Work on the design of our v8 reactor with the team’s design engineers.
  • Finally, test the v8 reactor!

We are looking for a candidate at L3/M1/M2 level, 2A engineer / gap year / end of studies:

  • Interested in experimentation and instrumentation, with previous experience (projects/TP/internships).
  • Comfortable with data analysis (scientific Python / Matlab / etc.)
  • Interested in learning experimental characterization techniques (spectroscopy, nanosecond analysis), curious about plasma physics and who is eager to work in a dynamic start-up.
  • And above all, interested in contributing to the decarbonization of industry and storing carbon!

Is feels like a fit? Contact us:

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