Implementation of ps–laser and –streak camera diagnostics in reactive plasmas

Nom de l'entreprise / du laboratoire: Laboratoire des Sciences des Procédés et des Matériaux
Encadrant: K. Gazeli (CR CNRS) / G. Lombardi (Pr USPN)
Date de début: janvier 1, 2023
Durée: 1 an
Salaire / Gratification par mois (€): 2700 €/mois brut

1 year CDD post-doc contract with possibility of extension (+18 months) depending on candidate’s performance. Collaboration between IPS–MP (Prof. G. Lombardi and Dr. K. Gazeli) of LSPM and Photonique et Nanostructures (PON) team of the Laboratory of Laser Physics (LPL; Dr. S. Forget and Prof. S. Chénais) of USPN in the frame of a Lab of Excellence (Labex), Science and Engineering for Advanced Materials and devices (SEAM) project.


Laser diagnostics, picosecond TALIF, streak camera, reactive plasmas, atomic densities.


The post-doc will have the opportunity to perform state-of-the-art optical diagnostics at LSPM and enter a wide scientific network involving plasma physicists (experiments and models), research engineers, and material processes experts. He/She will work on the optimization of the advanced laser and detector platforms available in IPS-MP for studying low- (e.g., a microwave hydrogen plasma between 1-300 Pa) and atmospheric-pressure (microplasma jet and/or torch) plasmas by means of ns (fast) and ps (ultrafast) two-photon absorption laser induced fluorescence (TALIF). The platform consists of a fast (Sirah Lasertechnik Cobra-Stretch; 7 ns pulse width; 10 Hz repetition frequency), and ultrafast laser (Ekspla; 10 ps pulse width; 5 Hz repetition frequency) which are coupled with a gated photomultiplier tube (Hamamatsu; few ns time resolution) and a universal streak camera (Hamamatsu; ps time resolution) respectively. He/She will particularly focus on the development of ps-TALIF for the reliable determination of reactive atom lifetimes and densities (such as H, N and O) in collisional plasmas, for which the depletion of laser-excited states becomes significant and limits the application of classic ns-TALIF. He will also contribute to the combination of ns- and ps-TALIF for probing molecular and atomic species in a microwave plasma torch for its optimization in nanomaterial synthesis.

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