Low-cost III-V materials for high-efficiency solar cells

Nom de l'entreprise / du laboratoire: IPVF - Institut Photovoltaique d'Ile-de-France
Adresse web: http://www.ipvf.fr/fr/
Encadrant: Pere Roca i Cabarrocas, Stephane Collin, Amaury Delamarre
Date de début: septembre 1, 2023
Durée: 36 mois
Salaire / Gratification par mois (€): 2400


Become an actor of the Energy Transition by joining a team driven by innovation and impact to address today’s most decisive challenges.

IPVF – Institut Photovoltaïque d’Île-de-France, is a global Research, Innovation and Education center, which mission is to accelerate energy transition through science & technology.


Bringing together recognized industrial leaders (TotalEnergies, EDF, Air Liquide, Horiba and Riber) and world-renowned academic research teams (CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique), IPVF’ multidisciplinary and international teams conduct research dedicated to clean energy technologies (photovoltaics, green hydrogen, etc.). IPVF has built an ambitious scientific and technological research program, divided into 5 programs and 19 sub-projects, to achieve this objective.
These programs are based on a high-level experimental platform of 8,000 m², located in Paris-Saclay, and comprising more than 100 cutting-edge equipment worth €30M.




IPVF is looking for a Ph.D. student to work on III-V solar cells for high-efficiency and low-cost photovoltaics.

This PhD position will be carried out within the frame of the IPVF Program named COSY (Low-COSt processes for high-efficiencY III-V on Si tandem solar cells). The main objective of the thesis will be to fabricate III-V materials based on original low-cost deposition approaches and to integrate them into III-V/Si tandem cells.

While III-V materials are leading solar efficiency records, they only share a small part of the PV market due to their cost. The aim of this project is to demonstrate the feasibility of GaAs growth based on low-temperature and low-pressure plasma-based processes, and the use of virtual substrates, in order to drastically reduce the cost of III-V solar cells. The development of novel processes will be combined with the innovative architectures developed recently at IPVF-C2N to facilitate the integration of III-V on Si (low-cost bonding), and to save materials with light-trapping structures (ultrathin solar cells).

IPVF has an extensive experience in III-V solar cells, MBE growth and plasma deposition, and has already developed state-of-the-art low-cost processes for III-V epitaxial growth.

The project will be carried out in close collaboration between IPVF, C2N (Center for Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, SUNLIT team) and Ecole Polytechnique (LPICM).
She/he will work in close relationship with highly qualified scientists, specialized in III-V materials and process development. This environment gives the PhD candidate many opportunities to tackle this project challenge and gain experience.


More information about the research program:

IPVF Research Program involved: https://www.ipvf.fr/stephane-collin-introducing-ipvf-programme-3-low-cost-tandem-iii-v-cell-on-silicon/


Other related websites: https://www.ipvf.fr, https://www.c2n.universite-paris-saclay.fr, http://sunlit-team.eu/, https://lpicm.cnrs.fr/






– Engineer/Master degree in condensed-matter/solid-state physics, physics of semiconductors or related.



– Knowledge of surface engineering and thin film deposition.

– Experience in semiconductor or plasma processes is an asset.

– Expertise in materials characterization is a plus.



– Team spirit.

– Self-initiative and creativity

– Autonomous and rigorous.

– Results-oriented.




Cover letter and résumé to be sent to:




Pour postuler, envoyez votre CV et votre lettre de motivation par e-mail à stephane.collin@c2n.upsaclay.fr