Postdoctoral position for the optimisation of a quantum grade diamond synthesis process for the development of spin-based solid state quantum processors.

  • Post-doctorat
  • Paris
Nom de l'entreprise / du laboratoire: LSPM-CNRS
Adresse web:
Encadrant: Jocelyn Achard
Date de début: janvier 16, 2023
Durée: 12 mois
Salaire / Gratification par mois (€): 2890 € brut/mois

The post-doctoral fellow will be hired by the LSPM (Laboratoire des Sciences des Procédés et des Matériaux), in which he will be responsible for optimising the diamond growth process used as a platform for deterministic implantation of NV centres. He will also participate to the development of an experimental setup allowing characterizing optical properties of NV centres (T1, T2 et T2* measurements). The deposition processes that will be used are chemical vapour deposition processes assisted by microwave plasma, which have now been developed within the LSPM for some twenty years and in which our expertise is internationally recognised, in particular for the production of quantum grade diamond films. Two axes will be carried out in parallel. The first will be more specifically dedicated to the study of defects incorporation during the growth, the objective being to determine the growth conditions limiting as much as possible their presence, which is very well known to lead to a strong impact on quantum qualities of the material. The second will consist in optimising the growth conditions in order to produce diamond films with a controlled 12C isotopic concentration. During this work, the films produced will be characterised in order to determine their quantum properties for the targeted application (measurement of the NV concentrations, strain and coherence times). These characterizations will be done within the LSPM thanks to the developed experimental optical setup or in collaboration with the members of the MAESTRO consortium.

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