Development of a plasma process and spectroscopy measurement for the extraction of rare earth ions from aqueous solutions

Nom de l'entreprise / du laboratoire: CR-CHU de Québec- Université Laval (Québec)
Adresse web:
Encadrant: Marc-André Fortin
Date de début: juillet 1, 2022
Durée: 3 ans
Salaire / Gratification par mois (€): contacter le superviseur

The Biomaterials for Medical Imaging (BIM) laboratory of the CHU de Québec – Université Laval works in collaboration with a major Canadian research center on mineral technologies. The consortium has developed a process for treating aqueous solutions by atmospheric plasma technologies. The thesis project consists of 1) identifying the reactivity profile of certain rare earth ions subjected to different plasmas at atmospheric pressure (including plasma spectroscopy, plasma characterization); 2) to evaluate the ion/solid material conversion balance; 3) to analyze the physico-chemical constituents of the materials obtained, as well as the residual ions in the solution; 4) assess the scientific and economic potential of new processes developed for hydrometallurgy (e.g. recycling of rare earths) and wastewater treatment (e.g. biomedical).

Student profile: hydrometallurgy (demonstrated expertise); analytical chemistry (with spectroscopy expertise); physics engineering (plasma technology); preferably with MSc training in plasma technology (demonstrated evidences of courses, laboratories and internships).

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