Advanced plasma treatment by homogenous atmospheric pressure plasma for the next generation of the OPV

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The postdoctoral fellow who will work on this project will be responsible for studying plasma treatments at atmospheric pressure to improve polymeric surfaces for organic photovoltaic (OPV) applications in static conditions. In this context, the candidate will have the opportunity to use a wide range of equipment (XPS, AFM, SEM, FTIR) for surface characterization. In addition, the postdoc will also study the possibility to transfer the obtained results from the prototype laboratory device to a large-scale system. The candidate will work with roll-to-roll plasma system to study the influence of the deposition method and the discharge conditions. Because conductivity of the substrate plays a role in modifying the uniformity of the electric field, different power supply evaluate on conductive, semiconductive and dielectric samples. Finally, pilot tests in industry will be conducted to evaluate the potential to scale up the developed approach.

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