Multifunctional nanocomposite coatings: development by a human and environmental friendly process.

  • Doctorat
  • Toulouse
Nom de l'entreprise / du laboratoire: Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination - UPR8241
Adresse web:
Encadrant: Myrtil Kahn
Date de début: septembre 1, 2022
Durée: 36 mois

The purpose of the thesis is to develop processes for the synthesis of new multifunctional materials that meet operational, economic, geostrategic, environmental and societal needs. It concerns the development of new synthesis routes for nanoparticles and new nanocomposite coatings based on nanoparticle reactor-injector technology coupled to a plasma reactor.

In the framework of a long-term collaboration between LCC and Laplace laboratories, we have developed a nanoparticle (NP) reactor-injector.[1] This method, called DLRI for Direct Liquid Reactor-DLRI prevents (1) the handling of nano-objects and (2) the potential risks of environmental contamination by NPs. This process therefore allows the manufacture of multifunctional nanocomposite coatings in accordance with European regulations (REACH, POPs). It is therefore of industrial interest. However, to increase the maturity of the process, it is essential to achieve a detailed understanding of the mechanisms and processes involved in the DLRI deposition process.
This is the aim of the thesis, which focuses on the fabrication of multifunctional nanocomposite coatings based on a DLC matrix containing sulphide NPs for tribological applications. For this purpose, the NP injector reactor will be coupled to a low pressure RF plasma reactor.
The main scientific objectives of this thesis are:
– to develop precursors adapted to the formation of sulfide NPs and compatible with the reactor-injector.
– establish relationships between process parameters, microstructure and properties. Detailed characterization of the microstructures will be directed towards understanding the effect of the process parameters on the coating composition.
– to study the plasma deposition process in the presence of sulfide NPs, then to characterize the tribological properties of the NP-loaded layers.
– validate the reliability and robustness of the process for its maturity. SAFRAN Tech will validate the transferability of the various choices throughout the duration of the thesis
[1] M.L. Kahn, Y. Champouret, R. Clergereaux, C. Vahlas, A.F. Mingotaud, Process for the preparation of nanoparticles, brevet déposé le 27 juillet 2016 (EP16305977.7), procédure PCT déposée le 26 juillet 2017 en cours (PCT/EP2017/068831)

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