The possible professional opportunities after a training in the field of plasmas are very numerous. Indeed, the needs are present both at the industrial and academic levels and for all types of positions (technician, engineer, researcher, teacher). There are also needs at both the national and international levels.

A strong specificity of plasmas is to be used in almost all the fields of activities. You will find below the main fields of activity with some examples of companies. Of course this list is not exhaustive and is only intended to illustrate the possible outlets.

Aeronautics and SpaceEnergyEnvironment
Thales, Alenia Space, Airbus, ONERA, CNES, ThrustmeCEA, ITER, PlenesysEnvipark, Advanced Plasma Power
Material ScienceMedicineMicroelectronics
Neocoat, Diam Concept, ISYTECH, Tantec, Plasmatreat, MPG, AcXysNeoplas, 2PSSTMicroelectronics, Corial, Plasma Part

Finally, plasmas being by nature strongly multidisciplinary, students are trained on many complementary scientific skills (modeling, materials, optics, electrical engineering, chemical kinetics…). Thus, after a training and/or an experience in plasmas one can also work in other fields.